BYOD with ComputerVault

Everyone likes the idea of Bring Your Own Device to work, because you can use whatever, phone, tablet, laptop, etc., you like, without being forced to use something you don’t like.

But BYOD has a lot of issues. Just to name a few:

  1. Users may not properly maintain the device security
  2. Home or public Wi-Fi may be vulnerable
  3. Employees may not provide access to the device because of personal data on it
  4. Employees have proprietary data on devices outside of company control

The result is lost or stolen data, and a myriad of cybersecurity threats for your company.

The best way to implement BYOD is with ComputerVault Virtual Desktops. Your phone, tablet, laptop, PC connects to your work desktop with a web browser or app.

Any device can be used from anywhere:

  • The ComputerVault Virtual Desktop is your work desktop
  • It is supported, configured and secured by your IT group
  • Runs faster than a PC on your desk – even out of the office

All corporate data remains in the data center. Downloads are prevented by default. No malware, or ransomware can be uploaded.

               Your device is personal. Your Desktop is work. Best of Both Worlds.

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops run faster than a PC both in the office, (LAN) and remotely (WAN). 24x7 support is included with every ComputerVault subscription. Also, check out “BYOD with ComputerVault” on our YouTube page.

Beware! Hackers are everywhere!
Beware! Hackers are everywhere!
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