Advantages of Partnering with ComputerVault

ComputerVault has been conducting market research on why Partners and Value-Added Resellers want to sell ComputerVault. Here are the top 3 reasons:

1st ComputerVault is the only Single Platform Solution that includes:

  • Virtual Desktops & Servers
  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure
  • Virtual Networking and a Software-Defined WAN

2nd ComputerVault Cybersecurity includes:

  • Software Defined Perimeter
  • Zero Trust Security Model
  • Prevents Malware Infections and Phishing Attacks

3rd ComputerVault has an attractive business model which increases partner and reseller profitability:

  • ComputerVault utilizes a Managed Service Support Model
  • Partners and VARs don’t have to hire software administrators and architects
  • Partners and VARs don’t need to make an investment in ComputerVault

ComputerVault provides remote software administration with patching and upgrades. The software is also deployed by ComputerVault.

Partners, resellers and VARs do not need to make an investment in acquiring expertise as solution architects or software administrators. ComputerVault works out of the box and provides all required support. This translates to higher profitability for partners and resellers over competing products.

Check out ComputerVault Support Model - YouTube

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