ComputerVault Reseller Program

ComputerVault Partner Program

ComputerVault is a Single Platform Solution delivering Virtual Desktops and Servers, HCI, and IoT as a Managed Service with unparalleled Cybersecurity with reduced technology costs for any size business. Deployed on-premises, ComputerVault is never deployed in a public cloud.

Channel Partners provide GREAT devices and services, ComputerVault provides the final pieces to deliver solutions:

  • Recurring Revenues with ComputerVault Annual Seat Licenses
  • Drive New machine/device sales with ComputerVault software sales
  • Collaborate Throughout the Channel

Channel Partners own the customer and sell servers, end client devices, switches and all the services they usually sell, in addition to the ComputerVault software licenses. This simplifies the process so the end customer has a single point of contact.

ComputerVault is a Managed Service, providing customer deployment, ongoing software administration, patching, upgrades, etc., as part of the software license. Customers do not need to hire software administrators.

Channel Partners do not need to make an investment in ComputerVault either, as they are not supporting it. They just sell ComputerVault software licenses, hardware, devices and any other service they customarily sell.

Channel Partner Value Proposition

The Channel Partner sells all the servers, devices, hardware, software and services to the customer. Orders are placed with the Master Distributor of choice, and the Channel Partner sends the invoices and is the point of contact for the customer.

ComputerVault is delivered as a Managed Service. Channel Partners do not need to hire or certify any technical staff. Installation and deployment, performed by ComputerVault engineers, is included in the annual seat license, eliminating capital-intensive, long-term projects consuming internal resources.

Channel Partners sell direct to the customer:

  • All Hardware: Servers, Storage, Switches, PC’s, Laptops, Devices, etc.
  • All Software: ComputerVault Annual Seat Licenses and Microsoft OS, etc.
  • All Services: Hardware Support, Desktop Support, Warranties, etc.

The software license is a “Seat License.” A Seat is defined as Virtual Machine or IoT Gateway. The Seat License reflects the annual cost for deploying and supporting the Seat. A One-Time Set-Up Fee is also charged for each Seat at the time of deployment, in addition to the annual software license fee.

ComputerVault Support

ComputerVault owns the entire technology stack, which is optimized to run on COTS servers. Moreover, the annual software license includes installation, deployment and ongoing remote software administration by ComputerVault certified engineers at no additional cost.

Customers have no need to hire and maintain software administrators. ComputerVault provides all professional services for deploying and maintain the software. There are no additional costs for any of the services.

ComputerVault Annual Seat License includes:

  • Installation & Deployment
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • 24x7 Software Administration
  • 24x7 Software Support
  • Patching in Perpetuity
  • Upgrades in Perpetuity

End-to-End Solution

The ComputerVault annual seat licenses generate recurring revenue opportunities for Channel Partners, with new machine and device sales driven by ComputerVault software sales.

This simplified process with one point of contact means Channel Partners own the end client and they continue to sell all current services. No Channel Partner investment in ComputerVault is required because ComputerVault is a managed service.

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