ComputerVault has built-in Software-Defined WAN capabilities. One of the features of ComputerVault is the ability to offer distributed computing with no single points of failure. Many ComputerVault clusters may be deployed and connected to each other using the SD-WAN capabilities, in a mesh network, using any telecom to deliver data, voice and video. This is the same technology that enables remote access to virtual desktops without a third-party VPN solution.

ComputerVault Networking delivers many business benefits

TCO Reduction: Decoupling software from hardware reduces cost of deploying, managing and scaling up a network.

Greater Network Agility: Virtualized network functions have access to a pool of shared resources that are available on demand, for a faster response to changing workloads. Network functions may be both provisioned and reconfigured quickly.

Dynamic and Scalable: Additional capacity can be added to a network function merely by provisioning additional instances. Network capacity can be automatically adjusted to the actual traffic.

Software-Defined Perimeter

Every ComputerVault deployment has a Software-Defined Perimeter, (“SDP”) that controls access to resources based on identity. All endpoint devices attempting to access any resources must be authenticated and authorized before a connection is made. This is unlike TCP/IP which allows a connection first and then authenticates the device and user.

By obscuring the systems within the perimeter, a private “Black Cloud” is created so that outsiders can’t see what is inside. This works with any infrastructure’s existing perimeter and security posture, and is a necessary step in creating a true Zero Trust Security model.

ComputerVault has built-in:

  • Zero Trust Security Model
  • Software-Defined Perimeter Authentication
  • Advanced Cybersecurity features beyond SDP and Zero Trust

A Zero Trust Security model is the best way to secure data and resources. Coupled with its ability to limit attack surfaces, ComputerVault prevents malware infections from corrupting your data and stopping your operations.

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