ComputerVault is more secure, has greater uptime and costs less than buying and supporting physical PC’s, laptops and servers.

Benefits of Virtualization

The virtual infrastructure of a ComputerVault Private Cloud yields significant advantages of physical servers, desktops and network gear:

security Security

Virtual Servers and Desktops are more secure than physical servers, PC’s and laptops

Security & Privacy Compliance

ComputerVault complies with all Federal and State Digital Security & Privacy Regulations

Virtual Network Affordable

ComputerVault costs less than traditional IT hardware

Uptime Uptime

All components are redundant with automatic failover eliminating single points of failure

For less than the cost of buying and supporting physical PC’s, laptops and servers, a ComputerVault Private Cloud with Virtual Desktops delivers exceptional digital security and uptime for corporate data and applications. The performance of the virtual desktops is better than a PC or laptop.


The ComputerVault Private Cloud uses a Zero Trust Security Model which requires that all users and devices must be authenticated. In other words, there are no trusted users, devices or domains. Furthermore, users and devices may only access the resources for which they are authorized. Additionally, virtual servers and desktops isolate corporate data from employee Internet browsing. This prevents exposure of corporate data to ransomware, malware and spyware so mission critical corporate data is not corrupted, destroyed or held for ransom. Since corporate data never leaves your place of business, it can’t get lost or stolen and ensures compliance with federal and state privacy laws.

In addition, the failover of network, firewall and remote access capabilities ensure that you data is secure and accessible at all time from within your premises and securely from outside. We also monitor the hardware, software and network of the ComputerVault 24x7 from its Network Operations Center, (“NOC”). All network traffic is encrypted, audited and audit logs are available to customer’s staff online. Anomalous activity generates alerts for the support staff and preventative measures can be taken remotely if necessary, as well.


For less than what a business would spend on buying and supporting physical servers, desktops and networks, we deploy a secure and 100% redundant ComputerVault cluster. Designed for Commercially-Available-Off-the-Shelf (“COTS”) hardware that does not have any special cooling or electrical requirements. While the software is sophisticated, it does not require unusual computing resources to run, and can support thousands of users.

A ComputerVault Private Cloud is also modular, and additional capacity is added incrementally as needed, so there is never any need to buy addtional computing capacity before it it needed. Virtualization also brings greater flexibility to IT infrastructure, and resources can be added, modified and dropped in minutes. Combined with 24x7 monitoring which identifies issues before they become problems, support for virtual desktops and servers is significantly less expensive than maintaining physical networks, servers and PC's.

The ComputerVault software license is paid with a monthly subscription fee that includes support. Customers do not need to hire software administrators. A subscription shifts CapEx to OpEx and virtually eliminates variable expenses.


All hardware components, computing and network resources are redundant and have failover capability. All ComputerVault Appliances are deployed in clusters, i.e., two or more appliances connected together and working as one. This is done to load balance the computing requirements and to ensure there are two copies of all data and software. There are no single points of failure. In addition, the failover of network, firewall and remote access capability ensure that you data is secure and accessible at all times.

If any one component fails, user connections fail over to the surviving components and the staff continues to work. If a failed hardware or software component can’t be restored, we replace it at no charge restoring the redundancy.

Redundancy also means that businesses are no longer solely dependent on backups to restore functionality. To ensure Business Continuity, backups are automated with offsite capabilities, providing Disaster Recovery options.

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