A ComputerVault subscription shifts CapEx to OpEx and has a lower Total Cost of Ownership than buying and supporting PC’s


ComputerVault VDI, IoT and HCI is licensed with a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription fee is based on the number of virtual machines deployed for desktops and servers. Depending upon the computing resources required to deliver those virtual desktops and servers, an algorithm will compute the cost. Customers can use their existing PC’s and laptops as fat clients, or they can use inexpensive mini-PC’s as thin clients.

Best of Both Worlds

A ComputerVault subscription shifts costs to operating expenses while reducing or eliminating capital expenditures. 24x7 Support is included in the subscription, so it’s like using a Desktop-as-a-Service or a public cloud infrastructure. Budgeting becomes simple, as costs are a fixed monthly fee.

But the ComputerVault servers are on your site or in a colo, i.e., Virtual Desktop infrastructure. VDI ensures that the customer is in complete control of their own infrastructure, and data is not in the hands of a third-party. Customers always know exactly where their data is and who has access to it.

By utilizing a subscription model with support while hosting the infrastructure onsite or in a colo, ComputerVault provides the best features of both a public cloud/DaaS and VDI.

Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of a ComputerVault VDI, IoT or HCI is less expensive than buying and supporting physical desktops, laptops and servers. The savings are significant, and our cost model will calculate exactly how much money is saved when replacing physical machines with virtual ones.

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