24x7 Monitoring and Support from the ComputerVault NOC, means your IT infrastructure is always running.

Support Services

ComputerVault provides 24x7 Monitoring, Alerting and Support of the ComputerVault infrastructure from its Network Operation Center as part of the subscription:

24x7 monitoring and support

24x7 Monitoring, Alerting & Support

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Disaster Recovery

Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

ComputerVault deployments include all the hardware and software necessary to give your business the security and protection it needs.

Monitoring and Support

From our Network Operations Center in Marlborough, MA, we monitor all the ComputerVault clusters 24x7. The support staff ensures the ComputerVault infrastructure is operating at peak efficiency and coordinates its activities with your staff. This includes providing alerts to our customer’s staff as well as access to the ticketing system where all break/fix and change management tickets are maintained. Telephone and desktop support are provided. Both local backups and offsite backups are automated and Disaster Recovery services are available. All network transmissions, including backups, are encrypted.


netPulz Virtual Networking creates both the ComputerVault Private Cloud Local Area Network as well as Wide Area Networks with netPulz’s Software Defined WAN capability. This SD-WAN is used to connect the ComputerVault Private Cloud to other sites and/or other ComputerVault clusters at other locations. Additionally, any other corporate resources in public clouds, colo's, datacenter, etc., can also be connected as part of the ComputerVault network. Lastly, a Built-in secure, encrypted VPN provides remote access for individuals.

While netPulz Virtual Networking may be used with any telecommunications circuit, most customers use ordinary broadband Internet to construct an SD-WAN.

Cloud Integration

A ComputerVault Private Cloud has built-in public cloud integration to seamlessly connect ComputerVault to any public cloud, e.g., Azure, Amazon, Oracle, etc. This is very useful when using Microsoft Office 365 in the Azure Cloud and for storing offsite backups in a public cloud. ComputerVault automates both local backups and offsite backups providing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Built-In Migration Tools

A ComputerVault Private Cloud has all the software and tools needed for migrating mailboxes and Office to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With Microsoft Azure Connectors built-in and preconfigured, any Office 365 migration is seamless.

Hybrid Cloud

The ComputerVault Private Cloud supports both hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, as customers often have desktops and some applications hosted on ComputerVault while making use of one or more public clouds. For instance, customers may have backups stored in the Amazon cloud while also using Microsoft Office 365 in the Azure Cloud. However, some applications, particularly virtual desktops, perform much better when hosted on premises or in a colo, than in a remote cloud.

Having a ComputerVault Private Cloud that seamlessly supports a multi-cloud/hybrid architecture, gives customers the flexibility to host their virtual desktops and applications wherever they have the greatest advantages of cost and performance. Any cloud can be used, Azure, Amazon, Google, etc., with all the networking and cloud connectors built-in to the ComputerVault.

Virtual Desktop (VDI) Connections


The ability to support any cloud or cloud architecture is important since there are some applications that simply don’t perform well in a public cloud. Moreover, having a private cloud gives customers complete control over their data, eliminating privacy concerns. ComputerVault is modular and expands with your business. As technology and circumstances change, a ComputerVault Private Cloud grows and adapts to your specific needs.

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